Go Big Orange! Jewelry that is!

Who doesn’t love jewelry?! And who doesn’t love jewelry, accessories and gear that help them to root on their favorite sports team during the Fall of the year! Here, at my house just 20 minutes south of the University of Tennessee Neyland Stadium, we are rabid UT Vols fans! Here is some awesome UT gear!


Jewelry for University of Tennessee Big Orange Fans! Found on Touched By God Jewelry Shop at http://www.TouchedByGod.etsy.com

Two awesome orange and white bracelets and two pairs of orange and white earrings!

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Enjoy the football season – and don’t forget, all this jewelry moves on it to the basketball season!

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Just a’Dreaming – Loose Swarovski Crystals

A few months ago, I was so so sad 😦   A local bead shop, Lily’s Bead Box, went out of business. [They still have their Etsy Store.] That’s good but there is nothing like actually running your fingers through a beautiful crystal bowl full of Swarovski Crystals! WOW! What a rush! I LOVE shiny crystals! I could {and have} played in that store all day long! Oh well. I have grieved it’s loss and moved on, I think. Anyway, this lot of beads are singles that I bought on closeout at their store. Because most of them are small and I only have one of each (so, no earrings) I have shied away from using them in my jewelry. But tonight, I got them out and had a lot of ideas. Nothing too fancy . . . I think that these beautiful crystals don’t need much help in displaying their beauty . . . KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. So, minimalist. Less is more. I took this photograph with my phone. Due to cropping, I don’t think they all showed up but you get the idea of their extravagance.

Loose Swarovski


Aren’t they gorgeous?! Of course, I do not believe that any photograph actually shows the true beauty of crystals. Keep your eye on these cuts . . . they WILL be showing up in my  Etsy Shop . . . and hopefully soon!

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