Just a’Dreaming – Loose Swarovski Crystals

A few months ago, I was so so sad 😦   A local bead shop, Lily’s Bead Box, went out of business. [They still have their Etsy Store.] That’s good but there is nothing like actually running your fingers through a beautiful crystal bowl full of Swarovski Crystals! WOW! What a rush! I LOVE shiny crystals! I could {and have} played in that store all day long! Oh well. I have grieved it’s loss and moved on, I think. Anyway, this lot of beads are singles that I bought on closeout at their store. Because most of them are small and I only have one of each (so, no earrings) I have shied away from using them in my jewelry. But tonight, I got them out and had a lot of ideas. Nothing too fancy . . . I think that these beautiful crystals don’t need much help in displaying their beauty . . . KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. So, minimalist. Less is more. I took this photograph with my phone. Due to cropping, I don’t think they all showed up but you get the idea of their extravagance.

Loose Swarovski


Aren’t they gorgeous?! Of course, I do not believe that any photograph actually shows the true beauty of crystals. Keep your eye on these cuts . . . they WILL be showing up in my  Etsy Shop . . . and hopefully soon!

mwah (1)