My name is Lori and I love to make my own jewelry. I adore all types of crafts. About 10 years ago I decided to move away from scrapbooking and delve into handcrafted jewelry. At first, I only made what I wanted to wear. However, I started getting so many compliments, I started selling it to my friends and occasionally to other people so as to raise money for mission trips and such. About 1 year ago, I decided to start selling it online. After researching many venues, I picked Etsy. I actually opened my Etsy store several years ago but never used it until February 2015. I currently have one shop at http://www.TouchedByGod.etsy.com that sells handcrafted jewelry. I am in process of opening another shop, http://www.ThePaperBagEtsy.etsy.com to sell paper items such as cards, scrapbooking supplies & diecuts, candy wrappers, etc. Really, anything that has more to do with paper medium as opposed to jewelry. I eventually also want to open a store to sell crocheted and sewn items. That, however, will be down the road a bit.

I hope that you enjoy this blog. It will of course feature the jewelry that I sell on my Etsy store. It will also contain blogs that journal my process of crafting jewelry and even articles about different types of tools and findings. I’m sure that you will find that making jewelry can be very exciting. I hope that it inspires you to make your own jewelry also!


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