Crystal Shiny-Shiny Wrap Bracelet

Hellooooo Ladies and gentleman!

I’m trying to be a good little artisan/jewelry maker/social media marketer/SEO engineer/Pinterest virtuoso/tightrope walker by adding my new jewelry to my Etsy Shop, advertising it within my Etsy Teams and advertising the new products on Social Media which includes at the very least Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – oh, and this blog!.  As with any business, most time is taken up doing the drudge jobs like advertising and finances. Unfortunately, probably only about 10% of my time is actually spent on MAKING the jewelry – which is why I got into this type of business to begin with – to run my fingers through bowls of gems, to enjoy the light bouncing off a crystal’s facets, to look at a focal bead and ‘see’ the necklace, bracelet or earrings that it will eventually become! I just love to create – whether it is with beads, crystals, & wire or paper, string & punches or sewing fabric together so it hopefully looks like something that would fit on a body or crocheting yarn together, again so that it resembles a blanket or whatever I started out to make. I even love to create with music by playing the piano (I’m teaching myself to play by ear,) by playing my clarinet, or my guitar, or the organ. or the keyboard or even my voice!

Here’s a photo of the last bracelet I crafted which also happens to be the latest piece added to my Etsy Shop.


This is a Chan Luu Style (ladder-style) wrap bracelet made with Czech Crystals, silvery grey round leather cord, an acrylic crystal button and a silver Hibiscus Flower Charm. This piece looks great with a cover-up on the beach or the cord’s silvery sheen will make your holiday fashions look glamourous! AND, who doesn’t love the look of Chan Luu without the price tag! Come on over to my shop and check it out at this page. Do me a favor – if you are a Pinterest fiend pinner like me – go to this link and re-pin my jazzy bracelet one of  your boards or on a group board. I would appreciate it! Oh . . . and as usual, I will LOVE YOU FOREVER!

mwah (1)




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